The Forks, Winnipeg’s national historic site at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers has provided the downtown with a tremendous asset. Framed as it is on the east and south by waterways, the downtown is provided with a valuable natural, aesthetic and recreational resource which adds greatly to the quality of life of residents as well as serving as a major attraction for tourists.

Winnipeggers have seen a significant investment made in public spaces along the Red River including The Forks, Waterfront Drive, and the Esplanade Riel bridge pedestrian connection to St. Boniface. These investments have improved the physical environment, provided recreational and commercial opportunities and leveraged private investment in the downtown.

The City of Winnipeg’s downtown vision document CentrePlan includes the stated strategy to “continue the progress made in establishing the Red and Assiniboine Rivers as special places and community assets in the downtown”. In support of this goal The Forks North Portage Partnership’s ten year plan Building Connections includes the objective to “promote the development of an expanded vision for Winnipeg’s downtown waterfront”.

It is within this context that the River City Connections Planning Group of key stakeholders has been formed, co-chaired by Jim August, CEO The Forks Renewal Corporation and Deepak Joshi, Chief Operating Officer City of Winnipeg to oversee River City Connections, the development of the vision for Winnipeg’s riverfront.