A review of best practices from around the world, public consultation activities and the project team’s own experience and expertise will be used to develop the vision.  

The River City Connections Planning Group has adopted the following guiding principles to carry out the visioning exercise:

  • promote all-season public waterfront use and access;
  • promote healthy/green lifestyles;
  • preserve Winnipeg’s historic neighbourhoods; and
  • promote environmental stewardship.

The planning process will consider the major issues, opportunities and interests related to riverfront revitalization, including transportation, parks, recreation and public space, urban development and design, culture and heritage and environmental protection.

Starting the Conversation

To guide the community consultation process, the team determined that three key areas would be highlighted to stimulate discussion:

  • creating connectivity from neighbourhood to neighbourhood with ideas like a consistent branded trail, adding scenic drives and winter crossings;
  • creating neighbourhood waterfront nodes that could include canoe/kayak launches or docks that bring people to the waterfront;
  • creating opportunities for major projects in specific areas.

The team utilized the images below to set the stage for each community, to show what could be possible and to begin the conversation.

Connectivity: Scenic Drives, 'The Forks Trail' and Crossings

Turning strategic city sidewalks, parkways and paths into a cohesive river trail network. Connecting The Forks to three major city parks, St. Vital Park, Kildonan Park, and Assiniboine Park.

Artist Rendering. Improvements to existing parkway system

Artist Rendering. St. Boniface Taché Promenade

Artist Rendering. Lyndale / Churchill scenic drive lookout

Artist Rendering. Lyndale Drive parkway and river ice-trail access

Artist Rendering. Parkway and scenic drive

Artist Rendering. Formalized winter crossing points / connections

Neighbourhood Waterfront Nodes

Providing riverfront access to communities.

Artist Rendering. Canoe / Kayak storage lockers

Artist Rendering. Riverfront access dock

Major Projects

Residential and commercial infill opportunities

Precedent Image. Marina (Source: Bay of Quite - flickr)

Artist Rendering. Harbourmaster Hotel · riverfront pedestrian access (Source:

Precedent Images. Residential and commercial infill (Source:

Precedent Image. Sugar Beach Toronto. Beach on upper riverbank