Progress and Consultation

An ongoing public consultation program is being carried out to ensure the vision for Winnipeg’s riverfront is shaped by public input. As we move forward on this initiative to reconnect people to the riverfront, we will continue to invite the public to share their views, experiences and perspectives.

Progress to Date

  • An inventory and analysis of the Red River and Assiniboine River corridors has been completed. The planning process has considered the major issues, opportunities and interests related to waterfront revitalization; including transportation, parks, recreation and public space, urban development and design, culture and heritage and environmental protection.
  • Met with each of the ward councilors.
  • Held stakeholder consultations in six neighbourhood precincts and met with specific trails and water-based interest groups. These activities help to ensure that the vision for Winnipeg's riverfront is shaped by public input and that emerging concepts for the riverfront are aligned with what the public/neighbourhood wants.
  • Created a vision plan for each of the six neighbourhood precincts based on information heard from community stakeholders.

What's Next?

The River City Connections Planning Group will continue to act as the project team’s sounding board, discussing ideas and findings arising from the consultation activities.

Public consultation results and other analysis will be used to complete the 20 year vision document, River City Connections, in the fall of 2012. The completed documents will be presented to the City of Winnipeg along with a recommendation to endorse the report as Winnipeg's official vision for the riverfront. An administrative task team will be established to identify the governance model to oversee River City Connections.